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Why We are Great?

Poorly written preventative maintenance procedures continue to effect PM downtime, having a negative impact on the Wafer Cost model.

1st Pass Technologies advanced HPM procedures resolve PM uncertainties, providing consistent First Time Right post PM qualification.

Increase Wafers Processed

Implementing advanced HPM procedures reduce equipment PM downtime leading to increased Tool Availability, improving tool production.

Decrease Manufacturing Costs

1st Pass Technologies HPM procedures ability to reduce PM downtime, extend MTBC, and reduce the need for excessive Conditioning & Qual wafers; lowers manufacturing costs and impacts the Wafer Starts Cost (WSC) model.

Failed QUALS
Lead to Escalations



Reduce lengthy PM
Green-to-Green time


Minimize the use of chemical solvents


Post PM certification improve 1st Pass Qualification rates


Pay - for - Performance program

Customer Testimonials

We would like to thank 1st Pass Technologies for their engineering support implementing improved maintenance
practices on some of our advanced processes. Their knowledge and innovative solutions have proven valuable to production.

— Leading wafer manufacturer

Section manager

Thank you for your support helping develop Best Known Methods for our critical chamber cleaning applications.
Your HPM procedures will be used globally at our advanced customer sites.

— Leading Equipment Manufacturer